Wednesday, September 28, 2016


FACT: Covers can make or break a book.
PROOF: I could tell you a ton of stories about authors getting stuck with unsuitable, nay, cringe-worthy, covers, me being one of those authors.

Because it's rare for writers to be allowed to give anything more than what publishers call, "Meaningful input," during the cover selection process, which actually means,"We picked this cover and now we expect you to meaningfully tell us you like it," imagine how thrilled I was to have the opportunity this time out to give my editor at Lake Union, Kelli Martin, my two cents worth from the get-go.

Because the story is sent during a patch of Indian summer weather in the 1950s, and our narrator is an eleven-year-old girl, I desperately wanted the cover to capture the feel of the story in an autumnal, nostalgic, and innocently charming way and, thank goodness, my saintly editor agreed with me.

After throwing around a few ideas and searching the internet--most cover images are found on the www.-- Kelli and I realized that the only way we were going to make our dream cover a reality was to find an artist who could create an original piece, so the very talented Rachel Adam was brought into the picture.

So after much back-and-forth-ing between the three of us and other creative forces at Lake Union . . .  ta da! We're nuts about it, and here's hoping that you, dear reader, love it, too.

Hugs. Lesley