Tuesday, August 17, 2021


For years, readers and booksellers have suggested that I write a "tween" novel and I'm so proud to announce that I've finally done just that. It's called SAVING THE DELANEY SISTERS (IT'S GONNA TAKE A MIRACLE). I'm putting the finishing touches on it now and, hopefully, my agent will find an editor who falls in love with these two little girls as deeply as I have.

Here's a little something about the story, which is set in 1961 in Wisconsin:

In the vein of The Thing About Jellyfish and Wolf Hollow . . . Saving the Delaney Sisters is a profoundly moving upper middle grade story about what it means to be poor, different, coping with grief, the unbreakable bond of sisterhood, and discovering that when you’re down and out and have nowhere else to turn something miraculous could happen that could change everything.

 Almost twelve-year-old Theodora "Teddy" Delaney has her work cut out for her. Not only is she attempting to come to grips with the devastating loss and guilt she feels after witnessing her father's death, her mother is certain that they’re going to end up in the poor house, and her kid sister, Birdie, refuses to believe that their beloved dad is gone forever. If Teddy can't convince Birdie before their mother gets wind of how much "weirder" her sister is getting, she's terrified that their Mom might have Birdie committed to the county insane asylum.

Teddy made a promise to her Dad to keep her sister safe and she wouldn’t break it if her life depended on it. But she is not going it alone. She has her Magic Eight Ball for guidance, her "fiancĂ©” Fritz Lee for moral support, a cemetery caretaker on her side, and she's come up with what she believes to be an excellent plan to convince her sister that their dad really, really, really is gone forever. But with her evil buttinski neighbor, Gladys Sladky, watching her every move, the neighborhood "homicidal maniac, Whitey Johnson, threatening to cut her into little pieces, and her Mom falling apart, Teddy has to face the fact that it's going to take a lot more than smarts and a little luck to save her sister. “It’s gonna take a miracle.” 

Heartbreaking, funny, insightful, and uplifting, Saving the Delaney Sisters will have you cheering for Teddy from the first page to the last as she discovers that love never dies, and that sometimes, when you think you’re saving someone else, you end up saving yourself.


Fingers crossed! 

With hugs!