Wednesday, July 26, 2023

                                                                 GONE FOR GOOD

From multi-award-winner and New York Times bestselling author, Lesley Kagen, comes her newest coming-of-age story. Set in 1959 in the Midwest, Gone for Good captures the essence of what it means to be poor and different, dealing with grief, and the struggles of women and children when they were left “on their own” during a time that men ruled the world.

Facing the loss of her sister, seventy-three years old Tessie Finley seeks solace in another summer, the summer she was twelve and Birdie was eleven, and their world was turned upside down. Not only was Tessie attempting to come to grips with the sudden loss of her beloved father, her mother had been left penniless, and her “not like everybody else” sister refused to believe their dad was gone forever.

Tessie, who believed she played a part in her father’s death, felt compelled to do whatever it took to make amends and she was prepared to do just that, but the the clock was ticking and she had no time to lose. She was sure that if she couldn't prove to her sister that their father was gone for good, her beleaguered mother would send her sister to a "home" and those weren't her only challenges.

With a heartless neighbor hoping to drive the Finley sisters out of the neighborhood, a vengeful bully threatening to cut Tessie into little pieces, and a burglar on the loose, she knew it was going to take a lot more than determination to achieve her goals—it was going to be take a miracle and she wasn't holding her breath.

Gone for Good is a funny, wise, and soulful story about one young girl discovering that when you think you’re down for the count, love has a way of winning the day. And sometimes when you think you’re fighting to save someone else—you end up saving yourself.

Besides writing, Lesley is a mother of two, grandmother of two, a mental health advocate, a reading and writing coach, and loves to teach acting to kids. She lives in a small town in Wisconsin with her pup, the Amazing Gracie.


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